[PD] streamin~ / streamout~ format

Olaf Matthes olaf.matthes at gmx.de
Mon Nov 17 12:36:57 CET 2003

Marc Lavallée schrieb:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 01:10:11AM +0100, Olaf Matthes wrote:
> > ogg does no compression. It just defines how to pack data into
> > packages. This data can be vorbis compressed, flac or probably
> > even raw audio data.
> That's interesting, especially if uncompressed audio is supported
> by all ogg compatible command line applications. Does ogg support
> multiple (uncompressed) audio channels (more than two)?

At the moment raw audio is not supported, it seems. But in the end the
ogg format is publicly available so it would be possible to put raw
audio data (even multichannel) into it. Another solution would be to use
flac. This (lossless) format is currently being integrated into the ogg
bitstreams. But his still requires more or less CPU intensive
The question is whether we wan't to make everybody happy with our
multichannel streaming format or just the Pd users. In the latter case
we could just invent anything within Pd or debug streamin/out~.


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