[PD] Basic help (XY controller)

derek at x-i.net derek at x-i.net
Mon Nov 17 14:42:58 CET 2003


Quoting Al Riley <alrileyuk at yahoo.co.uk>:

> In the final implementation I would like to have an XY
> controller to control relative partial weightings (a
> tristimulus technique). 

use the Grid external. download via PD CVS.
i also have some unpublished patches to optimize a Kaos Pad controller for use
in PD. let me know if you are interested, and i wil stick them on

> ii)How to create a smart GUI

use graph-on-parent or the send and recieve capabilties of the GUI objects to
communicate with subpatches.

> iii)Converting a PD project to a VSTi

try this:
no VSTi support yet, as far as i know, so build your environment to send all
MIDI via loopback.

good luck,

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