[PD] (no subject)

doktorp doktorp at mac.com
Mon Nov 17 18:12:04 CET 2003


Ive just installed the latest 0.888 pre 1 version of GEM from Chris 
Cleppers site.

Where can one get a list of the updated features?

Ive tried getting antialiasing working, using the fsaa message to 
gemwin, but was getting errors?(this was mentioned earlier on the list 
by B. Bogart). Is  this supported only on certain hardware, or at all 
on OS X ? If so, what is the syntax?

Now that the text objects are compiled in, (and it seems aliasing is 
enabled for them, at least in the docs..?), is there a way to get the 
text to have some depth? Ive tried a variety of messages, and nothing 
seemed to work (except 'depth' in line rendering mode.., which changed 
the thickness of the lines).



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