[PD] A few small questions

e skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Tue Nov 18 00:34:48 CET 2003

hi guenter,

feel free to add a link to it from pure-data.org, but i'm planning on 
updating the page frequently on my site, so the most recent version will 
be there (it's faster for me to update my site once and send links than 
to update various community sites.. until there's an RSS feed or 
something that can distribute it.. which might be a nice idea.. :)

we should all thank andre for the font. it makes patch editing much 
easier on the eyes.. thanks andre!

i think when this came up before, miller objected to anything that had 
to be placed into system-specific directories. otherwise, this could be 
included in the Pd distro. i tried using some font converters to get it 
running in linux, but had no success..

if we could get it crossplatform, it might change people's mind about 
Pd? the biggest complaint i hear about Pd is about the ugly GUI.

-- eric

> Hi,
> This is a fantastic idea, I think the possibility of changing the fonts
> is really cool. Do you allow me to include this at pure-data.org ?
> Guenter

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