[PD] where do u apt-get???

nmp||| nomeparece at gmx.net
Thu Nov 20 08:53:09 CET 2003

after doing "my first" debianppc install ), i want to head to Pd, 
dunno if it was gunter who mentioned a repository out there, i have 
searched with no luck, my best mirrors are in brazil and what i see 
there is a 0.32 version of pd.

I now i can manually d/l and compile but my Q. goes in search of a 
deb ftp or http containing stuff like what h.c has already included 
in the OSX and W%^$^$ extended installers.

It will be of great use a place where to apt-get install a "stable" 
version + externals..

hope someone can give me directions on this cause im sure im missing something.


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