[PD] readsf~ bad header

Michael Edwards m at michael-edwards.org
Thu Nov 20 16:35:40 CET 2003

Hello all,

I'm sure I've seen this problem mentioned before (not getting any hits
when searching though), and to be honest, I thought I'd seen the last of
it, but every so often, when trying to play a sound file using readsf~ I
get the error message "unknown or bad header format".  What's worse is
that PD (or my sound card?  Hammerfall PCMCIA) then proceeds to play 
full amplitude noise instead of the sound file.

I'm running PD on Windows XP on a Pentium 4.  Does anyone know why this
happens or more to the point, how it can be avoided?  It doesn't happen
often, but even once in a while is bad news for concerts.

Thanks for any help,



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