[PD] 2-D video work with pd in WinXP

chris clepper cgc at humboldtblvd.com
Fri Nov 21 02:16:08 CET 2003

At 3:07 PM -0700 11/20/03, the wade wrote:
>OK, I know that pd/pidip is cool for linux 2-D stuff. What about 
>winXP? I was trying to map video onto cubes in gem, but I could not 
>avoid the frame refresh popping.

You mean tearing - like no vbl sync?  VBL sync is a feature missing 
from the Win32 and Linux versions of GEM, but present (and the 
default setting) in the OSX version (it's literally one line of code 
in OSX).  I think it could be added to both platforms, although I 
don't personally know how to do it.

>  a 720x480 avi is no texture I think, even with my 512MB ATI 9800 
>and AMD 2600 w/ 1GB ram.

You have a 512MB 9800!?!  I didn't even know those existed - I'm 
envious.  Anyway, that setup should do at least one stream of 720x480 
no problem.  Have you tried setting the 'frame' message to the 
refresh rate of your montior and then using a counter object to drive 
pix_film playback (in other words don't use 'auto').

The GL methods for texturing in Windows and Linux aren't quite as 
optimized as OSX primarily because Apple had to implement them to add 
the hardware acceleration to the Quartz GUI.  A necessity for Apple 
became a boon for video and 3D apps on the platform.

>Whats the tool for windows? (as my linux laptop is pokey with its 
>usb-audio card that doesnt really work well... >100ms latency)

Well, consider replacing that laptop with a Mac laptop if you are 
desirous of doing real-time video.  All of the current models will do 
at least one DV size stream even the iBooks.  The Powerbooks will do 
two or more depending on the hard disk used.  Both Jamie and I 
develop GEM on Tibooks, so the code is well tested on them.


>Thanks for the help!
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