[PD] sample loop

matthew jones M.Jones at signal.qinetiq.com
Fri Nov 21 09:54:59 CET 2003

Hi Rene,

First of all, create three arrays.  Choose 'array' from the put menu, and
give them different names (like loop1, loop2 and loop3).
Use soundfiler to load the files into the respective arrays.  check the
soundfiler parameters carefully.

If your samples are (for example) 44100 samples long, say (which is the case
when your sample rate is 44100 and it lasts 1 second) then make them all
44100 in size.  Alternatively, use the "-resize" option in soundfiler.  Get
help on all these objects by right clicking and selecting help!

Then just use three tabplay~ objects.  Send them messages simultaneously:

[tabplay~ loop1]

[tabplay~ loop2]

[tabplay~ loop3]

|0 44100(

or something like that, telling it start at 0, play until 44100.  use a
metro object to repeat the loops, with the period set to, in our example,
1000ms (1 second - the length of the sample in time).

Having said all this, Eric skogen seems to have made some sort of gizmo for
doing most of the work for you, well worth checking out ->

but I would also recommend learning Pd since this sort of basic thing is
easy to write in seconds if you are used to it..... good luck!



> hi
> i'm trying to layer some looped samples. the samples have been trimmed to
> loop smoothly so i was hoping there might be a simple way to do it like
> readsf~ but looking at the documentation it seems not.
> before i lose the weekend to figuring out arrays and tables i thought i'd
> ask if anyone knew of an easier way to do this. i just need simple stop
> start of some straight sample loops (only 3 in total) - no need to keep
> or anything.
> cheers
> rene.

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