[PD] canvas 'commands' again

Nick Fells nick at music.gla.ac.uk
Sat Nov 22 12:19:36 CET 2003

Hi yes thanks for the link - found that just as I sent the email. The 
actual documentation/explanation is pretty sparse though - I still 
can't make half those commands work, nor work out what they're meant to 
do ('restore'? 'map'? 'relocate'?) anyone have any more info on this 
stuff? Sorry, I guess it's all part of the documentation slog...


On Friday, November 21, 2003, at 05:42 PM, CK wrote:

> I read:
>> No doubt covered elsewhere...
> you're looking for http://pd.iem.at/pdwiki/index.php?PdInternalMessages
> x
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