the damned GUI - was:[PD] Pd in white on black and OSC

Frank Barknecht fbar at
Sat Nov 22 23:21:40 CET 2003

Larry Troxler hat gesagt: // Larry Troxler wrote:

> I'm kind of bewildered about this as well - to me, PD is just a tool to 
> *create* something beautifull, namely music. It doesn't need to be artistic 
> in itself.
> And because using PD takes some serious left-brain thinking, I'm a bit 
> surprised that many users care about it's graphical appearance. But obviously 
> they do.
> I suppose the analogy here would be that some musicians prefer their 
> instruments to look nice, hence nice looking grand pianos, snazzy looking 
> guitars, and the like.

In general I fully agree with your view, because that's pretty much
the way how I use Pd. 

But I see an area where looks are important, and that is in building
interfaces for (live) performances. Here things have to be intuitive
and very easy and fast to use. To achieve this is quite a bit more
difficult in Pd than it should be.

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