[PD] about pd's gui

Jerome Etienne jme at off.net
Sun Nov 23 01:46:04 CET 2003

as it seems to be a hot subject, my additionnal 2cents:

pd is a graphical language, so a nice gui isn't a luxury.
it provide good readability, which improve the developpement
time and even more the maintenance time.

to have a good readability allow you to understand what you have
done when you come back way later, allows other people to
understand your work.

in textual language readability is known to be important 
for years. some textual language have a poor readibility 
and are qualified of 'write only' language.

is it possible to improve puredata gui ? well look at 
max/MSP one, i think they did a better job. not mandatorily
the one we want to copy but a better one according to me.

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