[PD] back to dir access

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sun Nov 23 13:59:33 CET 2003

hi tom,

try getting them one-by-one (perhaps, automate with a counter).
In the scriptlet, change ".(set res.)" to ".(lindex $res $3.)"
and drive that by [pack s s 0].

In essence, using tot to get directory listing is like taking
a paraglider to visit a shop next street...


tom wrote:
> I wanted to work a bit on directory listing with TOT because I use
> WINXP. I built this patch, but it crashes often and relies on too many
> this is a bit cryptic, but hopefully works:
> query set dir [tk_chooseDirectory] .: if .($dir != "" && ![catch .(glob
> [file join $dir *.txt].) res].) .(set res.)
> Send this to a [tot .] -> [route bang] and read from the right
> outlet of the route.
> The trickier problem is, how to deal with large lists of filenames
> -- there is a limit imposed by the pdgui->pd connection.  I think
> one way would be to metro-out the filenames one-by-one?  Or store
> them in a temporary file to be read into a [textfile]?
> Seems like it is a hard time without a [folder] clone...

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