[PD] A few small questions

Andre Schmidt huolong at arcor.de
Sun Nov 23 14:44:34 CET 2003

hi Marc,

if i would convert the BITMAP font to a TTF font it wouldn't anymore do that what i wanted = the looks and size of the font would be 100% the same on every OS. (well, works only on win32 cause i don't know how do to bitmap fonts for linux/osx)

why did i do a BITMAP font:
because TTF fonts contain only "commands" how to draw the fonts, so every OS has they own way to implement them. BITMAP fonts contains the font exactly so how it it presented on the screen. the biggest problem with TTF and specially with the "courier" font is when we use small sizes = unreadable, i cant read my patches under fontsize 10, and fontsize 10 is allso hard to read.

thats why i made BITMAP-fonts, readability on smallsizes...


i just installed winXP for the first time and i'm VERY pleased about the clear-type(antialiasing) font rendering, but still fontsizes smaller than 10 are just not readable.


is there maybe a "cross-platform-bitmap-font-rendering-engine" ?


for the screenshots, try to search for "pd font" in the archives, i think i posted some shots. (if you don't find anything, let me know and i'll try to search in my chaotic backup system)

ps. for the looks, i find "courier" is the most readable (screen)font i know (and with some tweaks it wouldn't look so "old" ;)

Marc Lavallée wrote:
> On Mon, Nov 17, 2003 at 05:34:48PM -0600, e skogen wrote:
>>if we could get it crossplatform, it might change people's mind about 
>>Pd? the biggest complaint i hear about Pd is about the ugly GUI.
> The lack of "beauty" is one reason to use PD, because it shows that good
> softwares has little to do with nice GUIs. But I wouldn't mind using a
> better font for PD under Linux. Is it possible to convert this font to
> ttf, so Linux users can have a look? Any screenshot?
> --
> Marc
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