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mark mark at junklight.com
Sun Nov 23 23:12:32 CET 2003

This is an argument that is utterly ridiculous in this day and age. 

I used to have it with the box coders (the guys that wrote 
emebeded and onboard code) when I worked for a racing car 
firm many years ago. Then, they had a point. On a modern PC 
loaded with a busy operating system (linux suffers less here
perhaps  than windows but there is still a lot going on) I defy 
ANYONE to detect a difference between what is essentially 
a few extra pointer de-references. 

There is still a noticable difference between GUI's written in 
cross platform languaues - replete with garbage collection etc.
and native applications accessing the graphical API directly 
but that is because there is a huge amount of translation going on.

yes - C++ is marginally slower than C but unless you are working 
in a tiny amount of memory on low power processor I doubt it will
effect you at all. Even the box coders would win their arguments 
based on memory usage against speed more often than not



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> > nevertheless your argument doesnt hold in its formulation, c++ has 
> > more overhead at running time that C, an overhead which reduce its 
> > speed. if you write the 20% of code which use 80% of the time in C, 
> > and the 80% of your code which use 20% of the time in c++, 
> your code 
> > *IS* slower, simply in a negigeable way.
> I would be very interested in an example depicting what you 
> mean (e.g. what kind of overhead etc.). It seems i can't 
> follow your argumentation.
> greetings,
> Thomas
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