[PD] problem using comport and basic stamp

Hugo Dini hugodini at warpmail.net
Mon Nov 24 08:31:47 CET 2003

Sorry if the following problem I’m having is a bit sketchy, but I need to
figure it out before wednesday 
I’m having a little problem interfacing the comport serial object with a
basic stamp (seems easy?)

I send a variable named mojo (word 16bit) from the basic stamp (com1,
9600 baud, parity none, data bits 8 and no flow control) with the
SEROUT  16, $4054,[ mojo ]   (I also tried: SEROUT  16, 9600,[ mojo ]
Open pd.. 
open testcomport.pd
open com1
Then I get lots of unwanted numbers that repeat in a pattern. Only one of
these numbers seems to be the variable I want, yet it is now reduced in
8bit (0-255)
so I tried changing my variable to 8-bit
then I tried changing some serial settings
I could try to filter out those numbers, but I hope there’s a more
elegant way

Thanks if you read this far

  hugodini at warpmail.net

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