[PD] [OT]Audio configuration on Redhat 8.0? HELP!!

shreeswifty bigswift at ufl.edu
Tue Nov 25 00:30:25 CET 2003

1.) what kind of laptop?
2.) go to PLanet CCRMA and get the acpi-kernel

On Mon Nov 24 14:38:25 EST 2003, Dan Neveu <neveu at buffalo.edu> 

> I'm no hardware expert, but maybe one of these points will help:
> As far as the OSS irq problem: check that plug and play enabled 
> in your
> bios so that linux can handle the irq allocation. beyond that, i 
> don't know.
> Sndconfig is not installed by default on RH8.0+. You should be 
> able to find
> it on installation disk 3, in the RPM's folder. Finally, check 
> the /dev directory to see if dsp even exists. There's been at
> least one occasion where i've had to manually add a symlink to 
> dsp0.
>   ln -s dsp dsp0
> good luck,
> dan
> On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, [iso-8859-1] Rory Walsh wrote:
>> This one goes out to the the redhat users out there! I
>> have installed redhat 8.0 on my laptop and everything
>> ran very smoothly, everything runs, except the
>> sound(which is the only reason I installed it in the
>> first place!). Basically whenever I log into a session
>> I get an error saying, /dev/dsp/ no such device....,
>> the soundcard I have is just a simple Via Tech AC97, I
>> would have thought that is was a standard enough
>> generic sound card? I tried to install OSS but that
>> failed, giving these results,
>> ****************************************************
>> your currently detected hardware combination works
>> with the base OSS software
>> so you don't need to select any additional drivers
>> when ordering the permanent OSS license.
>> Warning: Some of the devices failed to initialize.
>> See /usr/lib/oss/soundon.log for more info.
>> Some common system setup errors were detected:
>>      1: PCI interrupt not allocated by BIOS
>> Please look at /usr/lib/oss/errors.log for
>> troubleshooting instructions.
>> ****************************************************
>> Another thing, I have not used Linux since I was in
>> university and I seem to remember tools like SndConfig
>> where I could config my audio? Things like this seem
>> to be mising from this distribution. I also looked at
>> ALSA but it appears that I need the src for my linux
>> distro, I don't have this either.  
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