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Tue Nov 25 12:12:00 CET 2003

Geetings. I'm new to this forum and PD.
I have to do a work in my University and i'm using PD and 3 MIDI pressure sensors. Based in the output of that sensors, i need to launch 7 different patches in PD. So, i need to have a little abstraction where i analyse the 3 sensors: 
- sensor 1 will output 0 if its below 30 and 1 if its above 30 and below 127
- sensor 2 will output 0 if its below 50 and 1 if its above 50 and below 127
- sensor 3 will output 0 if its below 70 and 1 if its above 70 and below 127
So, i have 2X3 (8) options and i'll only use 7. For example, if sensor 1 out is 0 and sensor 2 and 3 outs are 1, i will launch patch 3; if sensor 1 out is 1 and the others are 0, it will launch patch 5, and so on, based in the 0's and 1's combination of the 3 sensors.
Another problem is this. I want to read the inputs with 1 min interval, so a patch will stay for one minute minimum, after that i'll read the values, and if they are diferent, it'll launch another patch. If they are the same, it'll stay the same patch and will not retrigger the same one.
And finally, another problem... I'll give priority above all other sensors to sensor 1. This is: when i read the values, if the reading in the sensor 1 is greater than 70 from the previous reading (say, last reading was 27 and next min i have 120), it will launch a certain patch of the total 7 that i have (patch 7 for example) and in this case the outs of sensor 2 and 3 wont matter.
Being a newby i'm finding this a little confusing to do (read i don't know how to do this...). So, any help would be apreciated of what i should look at, or any draft abstraction/patch that someone might have that could help me out...
Thanks in advance,

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