[PD] symbol object

e skogen eskogen at usfamily.net
Tue Nov 25 22:01:24 CET 2003

whoa. i never knew symbol boxes could be edited! thanks.

B. Bogart wrote:
> Hey all,
> With all this OSC stuff I've started using symbol boxes to type in OSC
> names.
> I have found it lacking a few nicities. The ability to click and edit the
> text without typing
> the whole thing in again would be very nice. (with cursor keys like in a
> message box, only in run-mode)
> Past that a symbol scroolback buffer would be amazing, so one could scrool
> up and down (via cursor)
> keys through the different symbols that have been entered. The next step
> after that could be a dropdown
> box. I think this is doable using toxy but a pd internal/external would be
> nice.
> Thanks!
> Ben
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