[PD] MIDI patching via kaconnect under Linux

Jaakko Prättälä Jaakko.Prattala at Helsinki.FI
Thu Nov 27 00:50:38 CET 2003

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 22:09, Julius Orion Smith III wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have read that the alsa virmidi driver can be used to
> get the same effect (MIDI from a sequencer program to pd),

iirc (haven't tried this out in ages..)
you could do

/sbin/modprobe snd-virmidi
presuming you have one soundcard, snd-virmidi
will be snd-card-1 (check it with  cat /proc/asound/cards )


add  alias snd-card-1 snd-virmidi  to your modules.conf

then  ln -s /dev/snd/midiC1D0 /dev/midi10

and start pd with  -midiindev 11
(count starts from 1 with pd)

now kaconnect anything to your first virmidi port


Jaakko Prättälä
Jaakko.Prattala at Helsinki.FI

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