[PD] new tcltk8.5 alpha w/CG for OSX

tigital at mac.com tigital at mac.com
Thu Nov 27 01:21:31 CET 2003


...just a note that a new alpha of tcl/tk for OSX is available at:


...pd needs to be recompiled to use this:  just change the references 
to "8.4" in the makefile to "8.5", then place the tcl.framework and 
tk.framework in your "/Library/Frameworks", and finally place the new 
Wish Shell.app into "/Applications/Utilities"...

...this release fixes the toggle button problem, which actually 
affected alot of interface stuff, as well as correcting a redraw 
bug...to my mind, this effectively replaces the 8.4.x releases, and is 
much faster at canvas/text drawing...

...as always, bug reports welcome!


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