[PD] MIDI patching via kaconnect under Linux

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Thu Nov 27 03:59:50 CET 2003

Julius Orion Smith III hat gesagt: // Julius Orion Smith III wrote:

> I notice that pd is not MIDI-patchable using kaconnect.
> Does anyone know what it would take to add this support?
> I have read that the alsa virmidi driver can be used to 
> get the same effect (MIDI from a sequencer program to pd),
> but I haven't found any documentation yet on how to actually
> do this.

I wrote a decent Howto about this. Search Google for my name and
"Sequencer Softsynth Midi Quicktoot/Howto". Basically it's: Yes, you
need a virmidi card to connect Pd to the aconnect/ALSA sequencer

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