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Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Fri Nov 28 21:48:00 CET 2003

incidentally i am also pretty deep in the process of building a modular 
sequencer that saves the state of all the objects in a song using 
[maphash] which suffers from the same "saves the textfile releatve to 
the pd dir, not the patch dir" problem.  how can you share a little more 
detail on how your solved this issue?  also, what advantages does the 
[pool] object have over [maphash]?


David NG McCallum wrote:

> Frank,
> Actually, I'd also come to the same idea of using Pool to cover my 
> state saving. The only problem was that Pool saved in a path relative 
> to the Pd dir and I needed it to save relative to the patch dir, but I 
> think that's being changed.
> I've currently got a really ugly (but it works!) method for saving 
> abstraction states in files in the path of whatever parent patch is 
> making use of the abstractions. This way each of your patches can have 
> unique state settings. I've got a modular mixer strip setup that makes 
> heavy use of this.
> Interesting with what you've done about using one file to hold the 
> settings for multiple abstractions, though... I'll have to think more 
> about that... Actually, that's going to be awesome. You could have 
> *all* possible drum settings all stored in just one settings file... 
> hmmmm... Good work, Frank. :)
> David
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> Frank Barknecht wrote:
>> So all saving of all used patches can be done in a central place. Dave
>> MacCallum had to overcome a lot of ugly obstacles to do largely the
>> same just with builtin objects in his reworked d-angriff patches and a
>> lot of other patches, but with pool it's so much more simple, that
>> it's worth the extra external. Dave, don't you agree after seeing the
>> attached example?
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