[PD] Announcing "RRADical Pd"

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Sat Nov 29 02:22:21 CET 2003

Over on the Piksel list all have been talking about OMC (open media
and a shared OSC namespace for all the possible effects. It's not very PD
compatible though.

I've added OSC names to my GOP abstractions as /v/[name]/[param] I did not
put in another level to group the different abtractions
(I just do that stuff with naming in the patch /r? for rotate etc..)

I have been using these OSC names interally as well, to control things
programatically at the same time as through the GUI. These have the same
names without the /v/ part (I was having feedback loop issues!)

It would be pretty cool if these Gem GOP controls could be compatible
with the audio stuff... (over network or locally)...

as the sound position changes the cube rotates.. (over-simplistic!)

I've put my current version of gem abstractions on pure-data:


Pay most attension to the abstractions named v_* I included some early
examples. I'm also open to critisisms as it comes to my usage of OSC,
since I have made it impossible to send OSC controls that go beyond the
scale of the GUI objects... (because I want the GUI to update based on
the OSC commands)

I'll put this stuff in CVS as soon as I can.


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> hi frank, list
> i've been moving toward this type of reusable idea with my patches, and
> i think it's a good idea to support something like this as a group. the
> problem has always been creating abstractions than can mingle. everyone
> has varying programming styles, and with a system as open as pd, having
> abstractions communicate in a common way can be difficult.
> one thing i've found useful is routing abstractions using OSC. each
> abstraction is given a name as it's first argument, and it can
> automatically be referenced from that point on with:
> /pd/synth/(name)
> so the user just needs to know how to create the abstraction and give it
> a name, and then set a sequencer to send OSC commands to that synth
> using a standard interface. this way, i can have lots of different synth
> abstractions controlled the same way.
> i'll try to post some examples soon, but i guess what i'd like to see is
> some collaboration on a higher level framework. i'm with you on this
> idea frank.
> -- eric
> > My goal is to create a collection of patches, that make Pd easier and
> > faster to use for people who are more used to software like Reason or
> > Reaktor. For that I would like to create patches, that solve
> > real-world problems on a higher level of abstraction than the standard
> > Pd objects do. All these high level abstractions should come with
> > (detachable and changable) GUIs built in and must use a common way of
> > saving states. That's were pool came in.
> >
> > So for example instead of a basic lop~ low pass filter something more
> > complete like a recreation of the Sherman filter bank should be
> > included in that collection. My sseq and angriff patches followed this
> > idea in general, but there are much more patches needed.
> >
> > Like
> >
> >  * a sample player (adapt Gyre?)
> >  * Various OSC/LFO with preset waveforms
> >  * drum machine
> >  * guitar simulator
> >  * grain sample player
> >  * more sequencers
> >  * basically a lot of things like that:
> >    http://www.propellerheads.se/products/reason/closeup.html
> >
> > Not that I want to make Pd be Reason, no way. But pre-fabricated
> > high-level abstractions are what I want to collect because I see a use
> > for it.
> >
> > My project also has gotten a marketing name already:
> >
> >   RRADical Pd
> >
> > with RRAD as an acronym for "Reusable and Rapid Audio Development"
> > with Pd. RRADical Pd will (very likely) be presented at the next Linux
> > Audio Developer conference in Germany at the end of April so there is
> > still some time to actually make it take off before.
> >
> > I'd like to discuss ideas for this project here. Next week I will also
> > set up a Wiki-area on pure-data.org where thoughts and results for
> > this can be made public (and persistent).
> >
> > ciao
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