[PD] tcp socket between pd and graphical interface

Josh Steiner josh at vitriolix.com
Sat Nov 29 07:46:57 CET 2003

right, this is how pd's gui communicates with its core.  additional 
resource usage from this would be near immesarably small though as its 
just a loopback network device, so i wouldnt worry about it.  the only 
option you would have would be to run pd with the -nogui option which, 
naturally, leaves you without a gui.


Jerome Etienne wrote:

>Hi i noticed a tcp socket between the pd core and pd gui. When
>a launch my application, the tcp socket seems to be used to
>update the gui (e.g. all my number boxs etc...). It is 
>very usefull during tuning and dev but useless during a performance
>moreover it consumes precious rescources.
>how can i make it stop during a perfomance ?
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