[PD] Help Needed on Potential RRADical Contribution

Marcus ubiquity7 at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 29 23:26:06 CET 2003


I'm very supportive of the recent proposal to build a
RRADical PD package for end-users, and its inspired me
to resume work on a GUI-driven modular sequencer patch
that could make a nice contribution to the project.

Here's a screenshot of the front-end GUI for "The


However, before I can submit it I need some help
troubleshooting my patch. Someone with some experience
generating scripts to build .pd files would be really
useful. This patch is a patch cord connection monster,
and I'm only able to point-and-click so far...

If you're interested in helping me complete this
patch, you can download the work-in-progress here:


I've commented the patch fairly well I hope, but if
you need more orientation, please feel free to email

Also, please submit changes to me or the list, but
don't upload the patch to .org yet - I still want to
tweak some GUI elements to make it more user-friendly.

Thanks very much!

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