[PD] PD + Gentoo

august august at alien.mur.at
Sun Nov 30 19:06:46 CET 2003


> 1) Has anybody actually built Gentoo's PD 0.37 ebuild? Jack breaks the 
> compile of it on my machine, and when Jack support is removed, then it 
> breaks because of gcc 3.3. Both of these are documented bugs.

I build pd myself.

> 2) Has anybody else compiled PD manually on Gentoo, only to find that it
> doesn't start up with ALSA [although it runs with Jack fine?]. With the
> HDSP, PD will open the GUI, but will not connect to the sound card. 
> Also, no files can be opened or started in this state. Something to do
> with non-interleaved mode. 

i have the same problem.  haven't look into it further just yet.  

> 3) [As a sidenote:] does anybody else find Gentoo's ALSA packages 
> incomplete? Mine are missing Alsaconf, hdspconf, hdsploader and probably 
> some other odds and ends.

you have to do 'emerge alsa-tools' or 'emerge alsa-utils' to get the
hdsploader and (new to me)  hdspmixer.  i forget which one.  

best -august.

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