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Adam Lindsay atl at comp.lancs.ac.uk
Mon Dec 1 16:21:05 CET 2003

Thomas Grill said this at Mon, 1 Dec 2003 13:55:56 +0100:

>My primary concern is whether values should rather be given as
><data>1 2 3 hu ha</data>
>rather than currently  <value key="0">1 2 3 hu ha</value>
>Does that matter for automatic processing of XML data or database storage? I
>have practically no knowledge of XML conversion.

I must say that using the key as an attribute surprised me when I first
saw it, but it's not so bad. 

I want to be able to filter through these files with XPath, mostly, and
after playing with a few of the alternatives on the table, it seems like
your original format is the best, if you want to have a uniform structure
that conforms to a generic DTD.

Something that would simplify XPath/XSLT processing in certain cases is
having a direct output of keys into elements:

    <bkey>3 5 6</bkey>

...but I can see how this would descend into chaos pretty quickly if you
wanted to be generic.

So my vote is for your description as shown below.

   <value key="1">60</value>
   <value key="2">51</value>
   <dir key="bla">
      <value key="2">66</value>
      <value key="1">44</value>

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