[PD] physical modeling objects for pd

Cyrille Henry cyrille.henry at la-kitchen.fr
Mon Dec 1 18:23:57 CET 2003

> ...I've uploaded an archive named "physical_modelingOSX.v.0.01.sit" with 
> source, examples, and precompiled OSX binaries to my site:
> http://homepage.mac.com/tigital

thanks a lots.

>> any question / comment / etc are welcome.
> ...uh, all I can say is: WOW!!!!  Damping algorithms have been on my 
> todo list for soo long re: newWave/ripple, and now you plop down a whole 
> bunch of very flexible stuff that go far beyond simple additions to a 
> GEM geos ;-)
> ...I really like the example patches, too; but I think you'll need to 
> create some detailed help patches...I'm still trying to figure out how 
> the collision detection is working in example "08_non_lineaire2.pd"...

yes, I know...
I nead to add comment on exemples, and to make a help for every mass and
lia object.

( for the exemple 8 : the non linearity of the interaction comme from 
the lia between the 2 structures. by default string act for compression 
and extention, but "mode 1" message allows them to act only for 
compression, and "mode 2" : only for extension)

more documentation soon...

> thanx,
> jamie

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