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Pink Light

In March 1974 Philip K. Dick experienced his epiphany, an encounter 
with a higher intelligence he termed VALIS. PKD devoted the remaining 
years of his life to understand the implications of this encounter - 
evident in his Valis-Trilogy as well as in his unpublished 8000 page 

XDV wants to take the 30th anniversary of this event as a starting 
point for Pink Light , an online and offline exhibition project 
focusing on the work and life of Philip K. Dick – thereby exploring 
central themes of his novels as well as his VALIS experience.

The online part of the exhibition - to be hosted on 
http://www.pinklight.net/ - is meant as a site for web-based artwork 
inspired by or related to PKD. It is also intended to be a knowledge 
base for all kinds of cultural emanations connected to PKD's work 
realized within an open, twiki-based framework.

The offline part of the exhibition will take place in March 2004 in 
Vienna, Austria,  and will be showcasing the web-based works along with 
installations, documentation and lectures on PKD, his work and the 
philosophical background of his metaphysical experiences.

XDV is looking for artistic contributions to "Pink Light" in the 
following formats:

Online Pieces to be hosted on http://www.pinklight.net/
Physical installations or installation proposals intended for 
realization at the exhibition
Video or computer based works

Submitted artworks and proposals should be related either to the work 
of Philip K. Dick or to themes discussed in his novels (such as, but 
not limited to, totalitarian societies, perception of distorted 
realities, the question of what distinguishes man from his creations) 
or the subject of PKD’s epiphany itself (gnosis,...)

Works/work documentation/concepts should be submitted to 
submissions at pinklight.net prior to January 31, 2004 .  All submissions 
should include a short description of the work and a short biography 
either in English or German.

All submitted works will be reviewed by a board of XDV members 
including representatives of farmersmanual, epy and fuckhead for their 
suitability in the exhibition. XDV intends to invite the creators of 
the most interesting pieces to present their work in the exhibition, 
the number of invitations will depend on the allocation of funding. 
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