[PD] physical modeling objects for pd

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Tue Dec 2 14:35:33 CET 2003

Cyrille Henry hat gesagt: // Cyrille Henry wrote:

> I have made a serie of objects for physical modeling with pd.
> The object send Data but NO AUDIO.
> the aim is to generate data for the control of an audio synthesis and/or 
> video synthesis...
> it's just like http://www.sodaplay.com/ for pd.

I always loaved soda. Now I have soemthing else to love: Yours are
wonderful objects, soo nice.

> I upload sources + object for windows and linux + exemples here :
> http://drpichon.free.fr/pure-data/physical-modeling/

Could you also provide a source archive?

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