[PD] do not feed printers?

oli oliver.wolf at hgkz.net
Tue Dec 2 19:42:00 CET 2003

tried some ways to print letters/message via pd
- with lp.pd and the printer on /dev/lp1 couldn't get the printer move  
his head only mine.
- by sending the message: echo -n 'smthing' | lpr -P pinwriter to the 
[shell] object as well no movement - putting the message in the shell 
works fine -  is the pipe not passed by the shell object?
-message lpr -P pinwriter tmp_file.txt or lp -d tmp_file.txt with 
[shell] works well but writing a tmp_file is too slow for my intention.
anyone dealt with printing out of pd and could give me a hint feeding 
the printer directly with characters?

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