[PD] pdp and libquicktime

Yves Degoyon ydegoyon at free.fr
Wed Dec 3 00:52:13 CET 2003


this means that you try to recompile pdp and pidip ?

i think you don't have to do that,
we support a binary distribution for OSX.

you should just add '-lib <path to pdp.pd_linux>/pdp -lib <path to 
to your Pd.command, that's it.

in case you want to recompile, yes, libs should be link
from /sw/lib to /usr/lib.


sara kolster wrote:

> Still working on installing pdp.
> I have again a question about the libquicktime, since running 
> ./configure on pdp gives me the following output:
> checking for lqt_decode_video in -lquicktime... no
>   libquicktime not found: not building pdp_qt
> First of all; when i run 'fink list -i', the needed libquicktime is 
> there:
> i   libquicktime0-shlibs  0.9.2pre1-5      Shared libraries for 
> quicktime4linux
> So; why this message that libquicktime isn't found?
> And; how can i change this. Does pdp configure doesn't see it, or 
> should i copy it to another location?
> Sara
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