[PD] Re: [Fink-beginners] pdp and libquicktime

tigital at mac.com tigital at mac.com
Wed Dec 3 04:06:04 CET 2003

On Tuesday, December 2, 2003, at 06:20  PM, sara kolster wrote:

> Still working on installing pdp.
> I have again a question about the libquicktime, since running 
> ./configure on pdp gives me the following output:
> checking for lqt_decode_video in -lquicktime... no
>   libquicktime not found: not building pdp_qt
> First of all; when i run 'fink list -i', the needed libquicktime is 
> there:
> i   libquicktime0-shlibs  0.9.2pre1-5      Shared libraries for 
> quicktime4linux
> So; why this message that libquicktime isn't found?
> And; how can i change this. Does pdp configure doesn't see it, or 
> should i copy it to another location?

...I haven't seen the latest versions of pdp/pipip's makefiles, but it 
sounds like they just aren't looking in /sw/include or /sw/lib, which 
is where the fink stuff is:  check the pdp or pidip makefiles and 
change the paths, or if your running ./configure, you may be able to do 
tell configure and extra include and lib path:  "./configure --help" 
for the syntax...


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