[PD] Re: [Fink-beginners] pdp and libquicktime

Tom Schouten doelie at zzz.kotnet.org
Wed Dec 3 05:21:56 CET 2003

hi jamie, sara,

> ...I haven't seen the latest versions of pdp/pipip's makefiles, but it
> sounds like they just aren't looking in /sw/include or /sw/lib, which
> is where the fink stuff is:  check the pdp or pidip makefiles and
> change the paths, or if your running ./configure, you may be able to do
> tell configure and extra include and lib path:  "./configure --help"
> for the syntax...

they do check this dir:

if test $ARCH == Darwin
        LIBS="$LIBS -L/sw/lib"
        CPPFLAGS="$CPPFLAGS -I/sw/include"

so i suppose it is the shared library pacakge vs. dev package thing, which
i don't remember exacly how it is on fink, but i guess its libquicktime0
(dev package) and libquicktime0-shlibs or something..

but, taking advantage of this moment to shoot some questions:

does anyone in pd-land know how to create plugin libraries on osx that
depend on each other? i.e. pd <- pdp <- pidip/3dp/pdp_eth/...

in linux this is easy, because linking is lazy, but on osx i haven't found
a way to do this. probably libtool can handle this, because there is
support for archs that require this, but there has to be some kind
of linker switch to set manually to do the same.

then, anyone interested in becoming an "official" pdp/pdip-osx maintainer?
to sort out some compatibility issues? the things to do would be common
documentation (which i have promised to do in the past, but haven't got to
yet) and more importantly, a tighter integration with gem, on the
pix level.

on this gem integration: i'm looking a bit too far in the future, but pdp
is moving towards a system library, so in theory, if this ever gets
finished, pdp (just the processing core) could run as a plugin of gem.


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