[PD] pdp and libquicktime

sara kolster sara at x-i.net
Wed Dec 3 09:06:45 CET 2003

Yves Degoyon wrote:

> hi,
> this means that you try to recompile pdp and pidip ?

Yes, but as i see it wasn't neccessary. I looked over the bin darwin 
file in Tom's pdp-page.

So, as i already created a pdp directory, how can i rmdir AND its 
contains without having to rm individual dirs and files? With every try 
the message 'dir isn't empty' keeps popping up.

> you should just add '-lib <path to pdp.pd_linux>/pdp -lib <path to 
> pidip.pd_linux>/pidip'
> to your Pd.command, that's it.
On your page: http://ydegoyon.free.fr/pidip-for-osx.txt it says:

5. install the present package in /usr/local/lib/pd/pdp_pidip_osx

6. modify the Pd.command textfile to read like this
/usr/local/bin/pd -rt -path
/usr/local/lib/pd/extra:/usr/local/lib/pd/pdp_pidip_osx/abstractions -lib


But pd was already installed in the default location. Do i still have to 
edit the pd.command txt file?


[be back 2morrow]

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