[PD] tight syncing of two pd machines...

joreg joreg at gmx.at
Wed Dec 3 13:43:08 CET 2003


in a recent setup i had to sync a pc that generated sounds to another
that did the visuals. all tests with udp or tcp connections were
unsatisfying. the beat was not received constantly on the other
machine. now i do it with midi and am happy. i didn't measure anything
but a jitter is no longer obvious.

osc will not be better than netsend via udp since it still uses udp.


JS> does anyone have any good experience getting *very* tight timing sync
JS> between two computers running pd?  for my first attempt i just used
JS> [netsend]/[netreceive] to send a message (the number of the current
JS> measure) and got really nasty jitter (10's of ms).  last night i banged
JS> out a little net latency test patch and the results were so bad i 
JS> decided i was tired and it must be a problem with my code ;)

JS> so... how have you achieved tight timing sync?  should i give up on
JS> network sync and just use a midi cable?  how about OSC?

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