[PD] [OT] OSX command lines

B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Dec 3 16:32:58 CET 2003

I dunno about 10.3 but 10.2 uses tcsh by default. This is a shell I really
don't like. other shells may be installed and you can always change your
terminal to use one of those.

Of course this will just change the internal shell commands. as for find (I
don't really use locate) it may be an older version? I've only used it this
way (I think on linux and OSX):

find [path] -name "*blah*" -print

but I don't use the advanced features!


PS: I'm sure there are loads of OSX "bibles" on the market now, even a linux
switcher one I'm sure.

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> I've been trying to help a friend install Pd/PDP and other free software
> under OSX, but I keep running into small differences in syntax between
> Linux and the BSD layer of OSX. Some things, like "find" or "locate",
> just don't function the way I am used to!
> Is there a good primer on OSX shell commands online somewhere?
> One that would be good for experienced Linux users like myself, as well
> as shell-newbies like my friend?
> thx + best,
> d.
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