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B. Bogart ben at ekran.org
Wed Dec 3 21:29:59 CET 2003


you don't need to name netsend and netreceive the "1" argument just changes
between UDP and Tcp/ip mode!!!

So you can have any number of netsend and netreceives you want, but they all
need to use different ports. You can also use UDP or Tcp/IP to communicate.

The netsend help file that comes with PD should well explain this, but try
this example (attached)

Good luck.

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> Is it possible to have more than jsut [netsend] and [netsend 1]
> When I try using a third netsend, ie [netsend 2] , [netreceive 2] only
> up what was sent on [netsend 1], also [netreceive 1] doesnt receive
> anymore because of that, I'd like to be able to have loads of netsends all
> in the one patch, and then their equivelant netreceives in the other patch
> any help appreciated
> I cant figure out whats wrong,
> ps all Im doin is sending numbers at the mo
> cheers
> adrain
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