[PD] [ot] Re: code as material, or is it more...

thewade pdman at aproximation.org
Thu Dec 4 00:48:07 CET 2003

> Is code the next art, or the next material?

I dont know what you mean by material.
I could intrepret material as I do the matrial paint: then there is nothing  new
about the material. Code has been around for years in the form of stories, or man
ual tasks, for example knitting.
I could intrepret material as medium: then code is just the nex fad, like capris
pants or push-up bras... I think its more than that.

Code for me is a more compleate way to communicate idea, and to develop idea.

First there were words, sculpture, images, performances, then came video as the next step, now we have code and the web as the most complete means to translate and realize idea (IMHO of course).
I see the web as a society of (somewhat) self orginizing individuals and code as the texts/performances/video/audio quanta of this society. The very essence of communication in this environment.

For example, many would agree that you could replace the above with
10 echo "BLA";
20 goto 10;

But isint that code more appropo then saying I talked a lot about nothing much?

I just think code is more than material. Its a sturcture and sometimes a simple mind.
But then again I like to think of us as more than the material which comprises us...

Also, about rhizome: they have free fridays, so thats why google was able to crawl rhizome.

My 2 cents + assorted pocket change.

Lastly, thanks Yves for you package. I imagine (I havent got pd working correctly
 on my linux laptop) that it will be worth all the work that you put into it.
Opensource coders should get tax breaks, or just extra kisses, or cuts in lines at disnyland, or something. They kick arse! (can I say that here?)


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