[PD] pd externals deb(ian)-packages

huolong at arcor.de huolong at arcor.de
Thu Dec 4 15:26:12 CET 2003


are the externals actually in unstable or experimental ?
or do i have to use both in my sources.list ?

and with the same breath:

is woody "good" for pd or should i use unstable (sarge)
(i hope not sid :)


apt-get.org doesn't find nothing with "puredata" and with "pd" nothing pd related...

packages.debian.org is down :(

how about a list of pd-external deb-packages in pure-data.org ?


ps. tip for others trying to apt-get from unstable/experimental:
If you receive the error "E: Dynamic MMap ran out of room" when running apt-get update, add the following line to /etc/apt/apt.conf:

     APT::Cache-Limit 10000000;

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> Hallo,
> huolong at arcor.de hat gesagt: // huolong at arcor.de wrote:
> > i found out in the list-archives that theres pd deb-packages in
> > unstable/experimental. works nice btw.
> > 
> > but, is someone doing deb-packages from pd externals, specially
> > gem+pdp+pidip ?
> Yes, Gem exists for ages and is called "gem", pdp is called "pd-pdp"
> and I don't know about pidip.
> ciao
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