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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Fri Dec 5 23:10:47 CET 2003

Hi Tim,

So, you ready for the HDSP challenge? ;-)

I've been fighting with mine for a good time now, so maybe I have a few 
words or other concerns to bring up here:

1) I don't know the status of this firmware problem that Johannes T. 
brings up. Supposedly, newer versions of the card's firmware aren't 
supported. I have an older card which I downgraded the firmware on 
anyway, but it might be good to ask on the ALSA list about this if you 
are buying a brand-spanking-new one.

2) I couldn't get my PCMCIA bridge [laptop= ASUS L7 series] to work at 
all with Mandrake or Red Hat. This means it is sketchy at best to use 
the cardbus interface [for me, with my hardware and these distros.] 
Debian and Gentoo work fine, however. Weird. What distro do you use?

3) Right now, with ALSA 0.9.8 packages from Gentoo, I can only use the 
HDSP+Alsa via Jack. Otherwise, I get errors about non-interleaved mode 
which I didn't get using older versions of Alsa under Debian, and which 
I don't get with new Alsa versions using the PCI card under Red 
Hat/Planet CCRMA. Go figure! But it performs quite well with Jack! Jack 
can handle the 8x2 analog channels, plus more if you feel like having 
lots of internal routing [i.e. virtual ports to record in Rezound or 
Ardour, FX sends + returns to Jack-Rack]. This is my favorite thing 
about Jack!

4) Alsa has some nice utilities for the HDSP, such as hdspmixer or 
hdspconf, and also tools you will NEED to run the card, such as hdsploader!

Tim Blechmann wrote:

> i'm considering to buy a rme hammerfall dsp (cardbus + multiface) to use
> them with pd/linux...

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