[PD] [ot] rme hammerfall

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 6 00:49:54 CET 2003

Ivica Bukvic hat gesagt: // Ivica Bukvic wrote:

> This is because more of this kind of stuff is now part of the asoundrc
> file where you can declare virtual devices which present you with
> various configurations and or I/O formats. Granted, asoundrc has been
> having the sketchiest documentation I've ever seen in the OSS community,
> but things have been improving rather rapidly lately.

Unfourtunatly Pd does not make use of any asoundrc definitions and
thus bypasses one important feature of ALSA. But then, probably Jack
is the way to go, anyway. If I only wouldn't feel a bit left behind by
Jack as a USB-audio user, who cannot afford (nor do I want to, because
I only need 4 channel out) more than a thousand bucks for the RME

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