[PD] dynamic array creation

Frank Barknecht fbar at footils.org
Sat Dec 6 10:01:45 CET 2003

luc kendo hat gesagt: // luc kendo wrote:

> How to create an array via the pd.internal.messages ? I've tried to
> send the message "array x y"  but it makes error: Bad arguments for
> message 'array' to object "canvas" .. what are the right arguments
> ??

You should take a look at the Pd file in a text editor and look up how
an array is written in the source. 

> A basic question: how to join strings which are changed to produce a
> message ? I think of something like this: larilarila_(number)
> (another number) - where the numbers are changing .. ? The second
> step could be $1 $2 - but how to join "larilarila" and (number) ??

 [makefilename larilarila_%d] 
 [pack s 0]
 [$2 $1(

or so.

> I'm trying to build a recorder patch which would record the changes
> of states of controlers during an performance. It should be able to
> "replay" them later, and use them to render/outpu the performance in
> hi-quality by slowing down to 1 fps for example.. 

I don't know if that is possible with Pd at all. Pd is not Csound. ;)

> the states are numbers (1-12) but the performance is in 20 fps for a
> longer time ..  arrays seem not to work at all if their length is
> greater then 5000 or even 2000 , and i need 10+ of them, each at
> least with length 24000 .. Is there a better way how to do it ?

You might want to experiment a bit with qlist instead. It can grow
dynamically and stores time-tagged messages, where the time-tag is the
time difference between two events.

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