[PD] get midi-file track information

Krzysztof Czaja czaja at chopin.edu.pl
Sun Dec 7 15:36:22 CET 2003

hi Christian,

the released xeq version is obsolete, but appears to work, both
with Pd.36, and Pd.37.

Sending 'mfread <fname>' to a [xeq] loads a midi file.  If you do
not know (or do not want to know) track names in the file
beforehand, map those names using a track template argument, e.g.
'mfread <fname> -track'.  After loading, Send 'edit' to the [xeq]
and see its contents.

For playback, use either 1) multiple [xeq_parse] objects, each
with its own track template ([loadbang]->'tracks 1-track', etc.)
or 2) a [midiparse] driven by the middle outlet of the [xeq], and
multiple [receive]s to control track-based dispatching.


Christian Klotz wrote:
> Hi,
> I just began using pd. I want to read midi files and get the 
> informations out there (track, instrument, velocity, ...). Could anybody 
> give me some help how to get this working? I want to use the midi 
> information to make visuals.

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