[PD] mp3write and shoutamp

Hugo Dini hugodini at warpmail.net
Mon Dec 8 07:44:23 CET 2003

My patcher records each networked user's synthesized parameters in mp3
(with mp3write) which is then streamed to a shoutcast server. My problem
is that when users open the stream, they listen the mp3 from the
beginning instead of the near real-time point I'm aiming for (which is
near the
end of the mp3). Are the mp3write modes (append & truncate) of concern?
Should I reset the mp3 every time a user logs in (wouldn't that stop the
stream for other users?)?
Or is the problem on the shoutcast side? (I read that the buffer has to
do with it...) 
Any help is appreciated
  hugodini at warpmail.net

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