[PD] Linux newbie, alsa problems

David NG McCallum d at mentalfloss.ca
Mon Dec 8 11:51:06 CET 2003

Dearest Pd-list,

I'm trying to migrate my system to Linux and I'm running into some 
problems. RH9, Alsa 1.0.0rc2, M-Audio Quattro.

I configured PD with --enable-alsa and compiled it. But when I do a 
-listdev I'm presented with "OSS Devices".

Does then mean the Pd is using the OSS emulation in Alsa, is it using 
alsa at all? What's going on ?!

The quattro does more or less work with alsa in xmms and one of the OSS 
Devices does send sound out of the quattro in Pd. But is it through 
alsa, or what?

. David McCallum
.  Music wants to be free
. http://mentalfloss.ca/sintheta

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