[PD] Linux newbie, alsa problems

Bryan Jurish moocow at ling.uni-potsdam.de
Mon Dec 8 16:09:57 CET 2003

morning Frank, morning list,

On 8 December 2003 at 12:20:47, Frank Barknecht appears to have written:
 > Here I have another strange problem. Whereas I can use Pd with the
 > Quattro in my homebox just fine, Pd on my laptop will crickle and
 > crackle in regular intervals unless I set the buffer to "-blocksize
 > 2048", which is quite a bit of latency. 
 > Does someone have an idea, where this could come from?

Possibly other devices nabbing the PCI bus while you're not looking?
I found the article by Daniel Robbins at


pretty informative, although I'm unable to alter most of the PCI
latencies in my cheap laptop, so I still get clicks when using
ALSA directly from Pd, although (oddly enough) not with OSS
emulation -- all of this for the onboard sound chip (i810)


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