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derek holzer derek at x-i.net
Mon Dec 8 22:37:20 CET 2003

Hi Maarten,

and thanks for your reply. I am glad that a higher level of control is 
on the agenda for Tapiir, as I only think it would expand its 
functionality immensely.

I am xposting to the PD list, where others might have a great interest 
in this...

Maarten De Boer wrote:

> This is something that has been on my TODO list for tapiir for a long
> while... I think MIDI control would be nice, but it's 7-bit data
> range is a bit of a problem. 

You are correct about MIDI... outdated stuff. Espc with the sample 
precision of the delays which Tapiir has.

> Of course it is possible to work around
> that with multiple controls per value, but for from ideal. What other
> possibilities does PD offer? Maybe writing to a named pipe (fifo)? I could
> easily implement the input part in tapiir. 

A fifo could be an option, I would have to ask on the PD list what the 
best way to interact with that would be. By default, PD prints to 
stderr, if that helps you at all...

However, some solutions in PD and its close friends exist already. I 
would advise you to look at netsend [native PD object, udp or tcp 
flavors] and OSC [Open Sound Control: cross-platform, 3rd party protocol 
for sharing data implemented in CuBase, PD, Max/MSP, Reaktor and 
others]. I think espcially OSC would be *very* interesting for Tapiir, 
considering how easy it may become to use Linux sound apps under Mac OS 
X in the future.

> Or maybe it would make more
> sense to write an PD object that incapsulates tapiir? I do not know
> however, if it is possible to use a non-PD graphical UI with a PD object.

The way that VST and LADSPA plugins have been implemented in PD [via 
plugin~ external object] is always without their native GUIs. Named or 
numbered messages containing the control data are sent to a single inlet 
of the object, allowing PD users to make whatever kind of interface they 
like. If you want to go this route, perhaps somebody on the PD list 
could point you to some good resources on creating externals. One by 
IOhannes Zmoelnig is here:


Best wishes,

derek wrote:
 >>I have been enjoying Tapiir quite a bit, and would like to intergrate it
 >>into a performance situation alongside PD & Jack. My question is, what
 >>are the possibilities for external control of Tapiir? i.e. : can I send
 >>it messages [from PD, for example] which could either change parameters,
 >>or use a different .mtd file? If so, what kind of method or protocol
 >>would work best?

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