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Mon Dec 8 23:02:12 CET 2003


Quoting Maarten De Boer <mdeboer at iua.upf.es>:

> > I think espcially OSC would be *very* interesting for Tapiir,
> > considering how easy it may become to use Linux sound apps under Mac OS
> > X in the future.
> I am not familiar with OSC. netsend might be easier. What kind of input
> does it take?

Netsend and netreceive are paired objects in PD, usually used for connecting
remote machines, and capable of transporting TCP or UDP messages. Netsend takes
an message of "connect hostname portnumber", which I suppose could be made a
localhost and a port in Tapiir.

I still think it would be worthwhile to use OSC, as it is a wider-used format,
allowing communications with many more apps than PD. But it could [not sure
here] be a bit more work. Any OSC developers here-abouts?

> About writing an external PD object: the processing core of tapiir is
> really small, and it would be a piece of cake to make an external PD
> object out of it. But I suppose that you are especially interested
> in keeping the tapiir GUI, right?

Not necessarily. What I hope is to be able to automate the large number of
controls in Tapiir, or to be able to change presets [.mdt files] very quickly
during performance. No GUI is really required for this if I figure out the
right control numbers or make my own presets. In such a case, a PD object would
be quite fine ;-)


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