[PD] Connecting pd and java

pieter.heremans pieter.heremans at gmx.net
Mon Dec 8 23:18:56 CET 2003

if you want quite basic interaction,
you can just use plain MIDI,
checkout javax.sound.midi (included in Java2 standard edition 1.3 and up)


Stefania Serafin wrote:

>   we are trying to save the output of fiddle to a file so it can be read 
>by a java program in real-time.
>We are using a dos prompt and write the pd output to a file using a pipe, 
>then getting this output as text input to java.
>Unfortunately the way it is done now pd does not update the file fast 
>enough. There is some sort of buffering that prevents real-time. Do you 
>know how this problem can be fixed?
>   Stefania
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